Dance is an art of creating live statues

Anuradha is an Indian Classical (Kathak) Dancer based in Reading, Berkshire. She works as performer, choreographer and Kathak instructor in Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

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New Kathak classes now available for kids aged 5-7 years

New Kathak classes for kids now available on Sunday mornings in Reading


Chaturang(Oxfore & Reading)

Chaturang, literally translated means ‘the four colours’ – the symbolism for a dynamic quartet of dance each with it’s own characteristics and each equally beautiful.
A ballet dipping into ancient Sanskrit literature bringing to life the classic tale of the demon Bhasmasur and his nemesis Mohini.
A dynamic interaction between dance and percussion accompanies by a live Kathak ensemble.
An exploration of the connections between the elements and human senses.
Aur Ek Antaraal
Movement, music and poetry are brought together to explore a journey through time and space. (First seen at Moving With The Times in February 2016).
The evening will open with Rhythm Incessant from Drishti Youth Dance.

Supported by Junction Dance Reading and Pegasus Theatre Oxford

DEC - OVADA Gallery, Oxford (April 2010)

DEC - a lively collaboration of music, dance and drawing with workshops and seminars, organized by OVADA gallery bought together dance artist Susie Crow and musician/composer Malcolm Atkins who have been improvising in collaboration, taking as a starting point the poem, After Prospero, by Robin Kirkpartrick. Dancer and musician teamed up with four visual artists with a longstanding interest in drawing dance; Clare Bassett, Antonia Bruce, Kassandra Isaacson and Susan Moxley.

Anuradha was invited as one of guest improvisers to present an interpretation of proffessor Kirkpartrick's poem, using the language of Kathak.

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Anuradha crowned Barclays Live Champion 2010 from Reading region (April 2010)

Anuradha, one of top 5 finalists from Reading region in Barclay Live dance competetion judged by panel of celebrity judges including Brendan Cole of 'Strictly Come Dancing' fame, was declared winner after the conclusion of online voting.

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